Available courses

English Language and Literature O Level

Welcome to the English Language and Literature O Level Course! 

In this course, we focus on preparing you for the O Level Exams, which are an important step when it comes to furthering your education here in Malta. With regards the Language aspect we will focus on giving our students the confidence that they need to speak English fluently. Moreover, we will also focus on past papers and exam practice. 

With regards Literature, the focus will be on gaining confidence with literary terms and unseen texts which are the essentials for the exam. Furthermore, there will be focus on Shakespearean texts according to the student's needs in their school. We'd like to make students comfortable with Literature and that they enjoy it through our practical approach! 

Teacher: Andre Zahra

Maltese Basics for Foreigners

A course that introduces you to the basics of Maltese Grammar and Vocabulary aimed for Non-Maltese speakers.